Top 10 Bike Trailers For Kids & Pets – Best Bike Trailers 2018

SECTION I: Bike Trailer for Kids

Bike trailers are a popular way that you can use to bike with your kids. This is because the bike trailers are able to carry multiple kids, kid’s bike or even your gear

Best bike trailers

Majority of bike trailer are convertible; you can use them as jogging strollers; thus resulting to them being a good investment.

When it comes to choosing a trailer, you have to know whether you are getting a single trailer or a double trailer. Trailers are a comfortable for your child as you pedal them around. There are trailers that are able to accommodate two children.

When it comes to trailers, you don’t have to worry about control or no balance issue, because of the weight of your child or the seat that is attached to your bike. Trailers also have a great weight capacity when you compare it to a child’s bike seat.

With bike trailers in the market there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for a ride with your child; therefore get yourself a bike trailer and take your child along with you for that ride.
The following is a list of bike trailer for kids that you can choose from for your young one.

Top 10 Bike Trailers For Kids & Pets – Best Bike Trailers 2018

Bike NameBest FeaturePrice
Schwinn Day Tripper Trailer

Holds upto 100lbs
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Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer
Waterproof cover made of Oxford cloth
Check Price
Aosom Elite Bile Cargo/Luggage Trailer
Holds upto 180lbs
Check Price
InStep Sync Single
Bicycle Trailer

16” pneumatic tires
with molded rims
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Schwinn Echo Kids/Child Double Tow Behind Bicycle Trailer
20-inch alloy spoked wheels with air filled/pneumatic tires
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Our 1st pick: Croozer Premium Multisport Bike Child Trailer

The Croozer kid plus for two children allows you to be able to explore the outdoors. with the Deluxe best which is in class carrier, the trailer has a self-adjusting  Sylomer suspension which is for comfort and a smooth ride for your kid. Its design of 3-in-1 allows you to convert the trailer to a jogger and a stroller in a matter of seconds.

The Crooz and New Click attachment system that are for the kits are in the carrier. The trailer is compliant with the applicable ASTM, EN standards and Heath Canada, it is also TUV certified. Its airpad suspension makes the trailer to be self-adjusting, protecting your kid from vibrations and bumps not to forget that its maintenance free.

  • The trailer has a  Safe Internal Child Space, which is protected by a robust internal frame that has a patented  bumpers and superbar
  • It has large pneumatic tires making it easy for the trailer to move.
  • 5 point harnesses are padded and are also easy to slip around your child
  • Its low gravity design makes it stable and balanced.
  • Its handlebar cannot be adjusted in order to fit either tall or short parents
  • It is bigger than the size of a standard jogging stroller; it also takes a bigger space when it’s folded.

Our 2nd pick: Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer 

It is a 3-in-1 trailer which has an easy transition between the kits; it is the best for families on the go. It has a double-lock which comes with safety indicator that is for a secure connection; this includes a stroller kit, flag and a bike kit. It is EN/ASTM certified, durable, padded with a 5-point safety harness, reflectors and a reflective material that is for a maximum visibility.

The trailer is lightweight, its frame being 100% aluminum which is for protection in case of a rollover.  Its adjustable shock suspension is for a safe and secure ride no matter the terrain. It also has roomy interior features for your child’s feet and rear storage space which is for your personal items and kits.

  • The trailer is well ventilated
  • Its seat cushions are washable
  • It has an upper viewing window that the stroller can use
  • It has an extra-large cabin
  • Its trailer hitch can use some improvements
  • The zipper heads can come off although you can easily fix this.

Our 3rd pick: Burley Kid’s Piccolo Bike

Price: $369.99
Was: $399.00

With the Burley Kid’s 7-speed Piccolo trailer cycle, makes it possible for your child to be able to learn riding safely behind you.  It is recommended for children of 4 to 10 years of age with a weight capacity of 85 pounds. It’s an innovative Burley patented hitch system which has ball-bearing pivots that are guided so as to give you a shimmy-free performance.

It has a front splash guard; its lightweight aluminum frame is for a high performance, solid ride and durability. The trailer bike also has an adjustable handlebar and seat post.

  • Allows children to be able to learn how to paddle making them feel what it is like to balance.
  • It uses the rear rack to attach the trailer to the bike instead of the usual seat post-mounted hitch.
  • It is easily assembled as its parts are quite few such as the trailer cycle arm, pedals and handlebars.
  • It’s very expensive
  • It has a maximum weight of 85 pounds

Our 4th pick:  Weehoo Turbo Bike Trailer

Price: Check on Amazon

The Weehoo Turbo Bike Trailer is suitable for kids who are 2 to 9 years of age. It load capacity is 80 pounds and it can only accommodate one passenger. The trailer is lightweight as its only 26pounds, having a cargo storage of 14 litre.

These bike trailers allow kids to pedal along making an effortless exploration. It is a safe, easy to install, an all-terrain ride and interactive bike trailer in the market. Its single wheel design is able to keep the trailer in line with your bike.

  • This bike trailer allows engagement with your child as you pedal
  • It has a re-designed attachment system with snap pins and easy to use.
  • The trailer lets your child mimic your pedal strokes in comfort and safely.
  • The trailer offers an uncomfortable and bumpy ride as it remains upright even on rough terrains.
  • It does not have quick-release levers on seat mounts therefore requiring an allen wrench in order to unmounts or mount.

Our 5th pick: Premium Double Child Trailer

The Premium Double is a very comfortable ride with no added cost of suspension. The trailer offers the highest internal weight capacity and seat height there is. This trailer is the lightest in weight when it comes to convertibles as it only weighs 24pounds.

The trailer has a 2 bike hitch for converting the stroller or jogger back to a bike trailer; this can be done through a one quick lock. You can be able to convert the trailer easily to a stroller or joggers by the use of the patented mechanism. With two helmet relief cushions your child’s neck safety is ensured, as the cushions support and protects the neck in case of sudden stops.

  • It has a good ventilation system
  • It is quite easy to fold
  • It has an optional backrest pads creating space for the kid’s helmet
  • It is very large with a lot of  leg and head room
  • It does not have a sun guard
  • The bike trailer has a tall entry which is difficult for the small kids to get inside
  • The trailer has a lot little pieces that you an easily lose.

Our 6th pick: Burley Design D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

The bike trailer has an adjustable suspension which gives you a smooth ride, bowed-out sides which gives an extra room.  The seat is a Padded Spring Integrated Technology (S.I.T) that prevents the tangling of your straps; it simplifies getting your child in and out of the bike trailer. The bike trailer has a fully adjustable sunshade.

The trailer has water resistant zippers that provide an extra water protection. When it comes to the D’Lite trailer, it is an all-round trailers that standout from the rest with its unmatched versatility.

  • It has the best hitch
  • It offers sun protection for your passenger
  • It is lightweight
  • The trailer is also versatile
  • The trailer is difficult to stow
  • The trailer has  noise from parking brake
  • The trailer is also not watertight

Our 7th pick: Thule Cadence Two Child Carrier Bicycle Trailer

The Cadence is lightweight and does exceptionally well in wet conditions. It also has an extra storage space that is for hauling around cargo, with an easy folding that is for transportation and storage. It also has a bicycle kit; it’s compatible with a range of accessories and a folded dimension of 37*30*9 inches.

The bike trailer has a comfortable seat that is able to accommodate two kids, secure attachment to bike with the use of Thule’s patented ezHitch.

  • The bike trailer is lightweight
  • The trailer has large wheels
  • The trailer also is water-resistant
  • The trailer is uncomfortable for its passengers
  • It is difficult to set up  and it breaks down

Our 8th pick: Thule Chariot Lite + Cycle/ Stroller

This trailer is indeed a great design; your child will be comfortable through the ride. This trailer is among the most safest and user-friendly trailer in the market. The trailer is lightweight with a weight of 27.5 pounds.

The Chariot Lite’s frame comes with two easy clicks and a colored panel indicator that shows if your trailer is correctly assembled. The trailer also comes with a stroller conversion kit; its ease of set up, durability and break down makes it the best option for your daily use.

  • It is quite easy to set up
  • It is also easy to maneuver
  • The bike trailer is rainproof
  • The bike trailer is heavy
  • The trailer is costly
  • The trailer has a fixed interior configuration

Our 9th pick: Confidence 2 in 1 baby Bike Trailer

This bike trailer has an encased suspension that is within the frame, it ensures that your child’s fingers do not get trapped and provides safety and comfort. It has a weatherproof cover; left and right folding that is for storage. The trailer can be easily attached to your bike.

With two comfortable seats you can be able to have your two kids ride in the trailer. It has a robust steel frame that supports up to 88 pounds.  The 600D polyester fabric that is the outer layer and the PVC window keeps your kids dry in case of heavy rains.

  • The trailer has two seats that are 5-point safety harness
  • A pull back breathable front canopy that enables your kids to cool down.
  • It’s a comfortable trailer; as its comfort is boosted by suspension that prevents bumps as you ride.
  • This bike trailer is not suitable for kids under the age of 18 months

Our 10th pick: Burley Cub Children’s Bicycle Trailer Yellow

When it comes to the CUB bike trailer, it is built to be able to stand harsh weather conditions. It has a double-walled, an adjustable suspension system and molded bottom. The molded bottom is for an extra durability while the adjustable suspension system ensures a quiet, smooth ride.

The double wall tray base is made of a high-strength polyethylene that has an adjustable suspension.

  • The trailer is easy to clean
  • It has a lot of space
  • It has several attachment options which is a variety  of outdoor activities
  • It collapses for an easy transport


  • it does not have side ventilation
  • it is a bit heavier than its competitors
  • Its zippers stick when it’s used in sandy or dusty environment.



The list above composes some of the bike trailers that you can get for your kid, therefore, always going for a ride with them. The trailers vary in size, quality, prices and the weight capacity it’s able to carry, its essential that you consider this things when getting one. For a safe and comfortable riding, your trailer needs to be comfortable and safe for your child.

SECTION II: Baby Bike Trailer

Bike trailers are a popular way that you can use to bike with your baby. A lot of the trailers are convertible as you can also use them as a jogging stroller. When you compare a stroller and a bike seat, strollers are safer. Baby bike trailers

When it comes to cycling with your baby there are caveats that you should consider, they include;

  • Your baby ought to be in a car seat that is mounted in a backfiets or in a trailer of high quality.
  • The speed at which you are riding on should be moderate
  • Your routes are to be carefully chosen in order to avoid cobblestones or any rough surfaces.
  • Ensure that you hold off long trips until your baby is 3 months this is to ensure that your baby’s back is properly developed.
  • Also you are not to put a helmet on, on a very  young baby as the helmet tends to do more harm than good especially if it doesn’t fit properly or the baby not being strong enough to hold up his head.
  • Your local conditions are also an important thing to consider, do you have trailers that are able to absorb shock?  How your cycling facilities are and if your baby is happy while riding.

So when you get a trailer for your baby ensure that you follow the caveats to ensure the safety of your young one. The following is a list of baby bike trailer that you can get:

Our 1st pick: Thule Chinook One-Child Carrier 

The Thule Chariot Chinook One Child Stroller or Jogger is indeed an urban explorer that is a must have. It is an all-terrain trailer that you easily transition from jogging to strolling; this is possible due to its locking or pivoting front wheel. The Thule Chinook trailer is among the best trailer in the market as it even has an infant car seat adapter, a cargo, not to forget head support which is for the first year of life for the baby.

The trailer has an adjustable height, an ergonomic handlebar which offers comfort when it comes to grip positions. Its roll cage is made of a sturdy aluminum that protects your child, an extra padded relining seat that allows your baby to rest easy; an adjustable suspension, which is able to absorb bumps that are on the way. It also has tinted windows that are vented; the windows have sideways zip off and a zip-down plus sunshade which protect your baby from any form of adverse weather conditions.

As a parent, you will definitely enjoy the removable front wheel, a rear storage area, a quick-release back wheels, an integrated accessory cross bar and a one-handed fold design among others.

  • It has a one-handed fold which is for an easy use
  • An adjustable suspension that is for a smooth and stable ride
  • It’s able to perform phenomenally as a trailer, stroller or a jogger.
  • It is also quite easy to switch between modes, that is from a trailer to a jogger to a stroller
  • Has an accessory storage on the  trailer
  • The parking brakes at times sticks
  • The folding button can be stiff
  • It lacks a helmet space and ventilation

Our 2nd pick: InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

The InStep Sync Bicycle Trailer is a one passenger bike trailer. It is not only durable but it’s also versatile. It has an outstanding value for any family-minded recreational cyclists. The trailer also has six Flow vents that are to keep you cool, its dial fit allows 100% adjustability for the smaller or larger heads.

With its 16 inches of pneumatic tires that have molded rims allows the trailer to provide both performance and style. It’s a two-in-one canopy including the weather shield and the bug screen, its maximum weight is 40 pounds. The folding frame design consists of a quick wheel release, the trailer uses steel and rubber as its material.

  • It is cheaper when compared with other bike trailers that are on the market.
  • It has the pneumatic tires with molded rims
  • It also has a folding frame and a quick release wheels allowing you to fold the trailer up flat and store it easily.
  • It has an internal harness which is for securing a baby.
  • The fabric used is less durable unlike the frame and wheels used.
  • The front top part of the trailer allows light to go through
  • To use this trailer as a stroller you will need to purchase the stroller kit separately.

Our 3rd pick: Burley Kid’s Honey Bee Trailer

The Burley Honey Bee Trailer is the perfect trailer that you can get for a balance in your value and versatility, without having to compromise on safety. Burley’s pushes their safety and durability tests to the limit, this is seen as they have a limit of up to 5× the standard of ASTM. This is a main reason of having Burleys on the road after years of using it.

The trailer has a one Wheel Stroller Kit which is for a quick conversion from biking to strolling. It has an adjustable ergonomic handlebar which is able to fit parents of any height. The flex connectors allow the bike to lay flat and the trailer remains upright.

The seated leg room of the trailer is 21 inches, the interior seat being 26 inches and a 20 inch push button wheel that is for a quick removal. It has a five-point harness system and a full internal aluminum roll cage for protection in case of an accident.

  • It has an excellent value
  • It has the best hitch design
  • A five point harness system
  • It is also lightweight
  • The bike trailer is also water resistant
  • The bike trailer has no reinforcement at the bottom
  • The bike trailer does not allow passenger paddling

Our 4th pick: Burley Kid’s Encore Trailer

The Encore enables you to ready to bike out of the box as it has a complete hitch and tow bar. Its frame is made up of lightweight aluminum which is able to tow your baby smoothly and safely. With its 600D blue and black polyester, it is able to stand up to weather conditions- most of them.

The tinted windows at the side panels and the tear-drop design, provides protection against UV rays and offering a large view to passengers respectively. The sunshade can be tucked into a pocket when its cloudy or securing it with Velcro tabs when the sun is shining.

The bike trailer has padded seats and harnesses which have removable pads, making it easy to clean the trailer. With a compact fold the trailer can be flattened for easy transportation and storage. With an adjustable handlebar which is able fit all parents despite their height,   doubles is an additional roll bar when it is folded forward when biking.

  • You can easily put your baby in and out of the trailer due to its wide and ample opening.
  • The whole trailer is able to compress within seconds
  • The trailer has additional space for cargo storage
  • The trailer also has a good ventilation system


  • The width of the trailer is a bit wide in cases where you have a narrow pathways


Our 5th pick: Giantex 2 in 1 Double Child Baby Bike Trailer 

This bike trailer is a perfect ride for you and your baby; it has a double inside seat which has a 5-point safety belt, a shock-absorbing frame, a universal wheel that has 3600 swivel function and a hand brake. The hitch coupler for attaching the trailer to the bike is not only quick but it’s also easy. The Giantex bike trailer is foldable making it easy to store and carry.

The trailer has a moveable waterproof top cover; a breathable mesh with a rainproof cover. The cover prevents your baby from being rained on; it also allows the baby to feel the sunlight on sunny days. There is addition of safety precaution which is the addition of the hand brake on the back wheel; the hand brake is capable of stopping the back wheels.

  • Has a breathable mesh that is rain proof
  • It has universal wheels which are 3600 swivel function.
  • It has a simple assembly and disassembly which is for easy storage.
  • It is a two-in-one weather canopy and a shock absorbing frame.
  • Attachment of the trailer requires skills and knowledge.

Our 6th pick: Sepnine Baby Bicycle Trailer for One Child BT-505

Sepnine Baby Bicycle Trailer is for a single child; its structure is made up of steel with a weight capacity of 50 pounds. The bike trailer has 16 inches rear wheels, a reflector, safety flag, universal hitch and a padded seat. Its interior length is 24 inches, 16 inches as the seat width and 22 inches as the trailer height.

The bike also has 5 point harness; it is quite easy and quick to assemble. A universal coupler which is attached to 20 to 28 inches bicycles. The trailer is not only comfortable but it is also safe to transport a baby.

  • It has a compact size
  • It is quite easy to assemble
  • Its seat is able to accommodate helmets
  • It has a five point safety harness
  • It also has a flag and reflector added to it for safety.
  • The front and back covers are secured with Velcro instead of zippers
  • The harness can be difficult to put on.

Our 7th pick: Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

This bike trailer is a perfect fit for any active parent; it is a safe and quick comfortable trailer for your baby. It has a 16 inch rear wheels which delivers a low rolling resistance, large front and side windows which allow your passenger to be able to enjoy the ride. A cabin venting system that is innovative as it keeps it cool for your baby in warm conditions.

The trailer also has a foot bar for protecting your baby’s feet, not to forget the removable 3 season bug and rain shield.  It has an easy and quick folding design which releases the wheel making it easy to store and transport the trailer. The trailer has lightweight steel construction that has rugged steel wheels; safety harness which includes the safety flag.

  • It is among the most affordable bike trailers in the market
  • The bike trailer is light in weight
  • The trailer’s ventilation is excellent
  • The trailer safety features are very minimal
  • It does not have a proofing  of the weather

Our 8th pick: Pacific Cycle InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

When it comes to InStep trailer, no family member is left behind. The trailer has padding and support for your baby; a 2-in-1 bug shield which ensures that your little passenger is protected from the elements. 16 inches of pneumatic tires with rims that are molded in order to provide style and performance.

It has a coupler that can attach to any bicycle, a stroller kit with swiveling front wheel and a handlebar. The trailer’s weight is 33 pounds, having an 80pound weight limit. Its parking brake strap requires you to engage them; you ought to strap through the rear wheel, around the back of your trailer frame. Then fasten the brake strap clip on the opposite end of the brake’s strap.

  • It is a lightweight trailer
  • It offers some  protection from elements
  • The trailer is quite easy to set up
  • The trailer is also affordable
  • The trailer can only fit bikes with 26 inches of wheel size or smaller
  • Its design is not for longer or bumpier trips as the tires are small and have less padding.

Our 9th pick: Aosom Elite II 3 in 1 Double Child Bike Trailer

This particular bike trailer is a 3-in-1 double baby bike stroller, jogger and trailer. It has a looking swivel front wheel, full suspension system that is for the ultimate control and comfort. The bike trailer is able to support up to 88 pounds of weight with enough room to have 2 babies ride in it with comfort and ease.

Its lightweight steel frame which has a smooth rolling 20 inch wheels that enables you to traverse uneven terrain. An all-weather canopy of a mesh and plastic covering that helps to shield your baby from the rain or sun. It has an Aosom Type bike coupler which is for connecting the trailer to the bike with ease.

  • The trailer has multiple conversions that come with it.
  • The trailer is able to protect your baby from weather elements
  • The bike trailer is affordable
  • The seats are not padded for comfort
  • The trailer can only accommodate a weight of 88 pounds.


Our 10th pick: Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

This bike trailer has a 2-in-1 canopy which is the bug screen and the weather shield. It’s made up of aluminum frame making it lightweight, 20inch pneumatic tires with aluminum rims providing an optimum performance.

You can be able to switch from a regular bike trailer to a stroller which has a front swivel wheel. The trailer has 20 inch wheels, a safety flag and a bit of seat padding for comfort. The trailer is only able to accommodate up to a weight of 80 pounds.

  • It is a more affordable trailer
  • It has a safety flag
  • The trailer is lightweight
  • You can be able to convert the trailer to a stroller


  • It has a weight limit of 80 pounds
  • The trailer does not fit all types of bikes
  • Their seats are not very comfortable



When you are taking your baby for a ride, it is important that you ensure that you strap them securely. When it comes to cycling your baby, some people recommend that you ought to wait until they are 12 months, some people recommend a ride when they are 6 weeks old, others 1 month old, we have babies who went cycling and were only three weeks; having said that when to start cycling your baby is a personal decision. Simply ensure that you follow the mentioned things stated earlier.

It’s also essential that you have the best trailer for your baby; before you get on with your riding ensure that the baby is safely and secure strapped in trailer and that they are also comfortable. Brands like the Burley and Thule are among the best brands for using their trailer to carry your baby, as they have inserts for carrying your infants. The above list composes of some of the trailers that you can choose from; always check their features keenly before purchasing one.

SECTION III: Bike Trailers for Dogs/ Pets

Having your pet with you as you go for a ride on your bicycle is becoming popular, for you to do this; you will need a bike trailer for pets. With a good trailer, you will be able to take your pet everywhere you go for a ride. The main reason of taking your pet for a bike ride is to strengthen your bond and enjoying the ride with your pet. Bike trailers for dog

The following is a list of bike trailers that you can get for your pet; there is therefore no excuse of leaving your pet behind when you are going for a ride.


Our 1st pick: Burley trail Wagon

This bike trailer features a Burley tail Wagon that has a removable floor in order to wash it and an optional securing tie downs. It has an all-weather cover that have water proof zippers, heavy duty mesh cover on four sides ensuring maximum airflow. A comprehensive warranty cover that is limited, the fabric part is for one year and three years for the plastic parts.

  • The Burley Wagon is of high quality
  • The wagon is spacious enough to be able to fit small to medium size dogs
  • The wagon is foldable and lightweight therefore you can be able to carry it if  travelling
  • It has reflectors and flag holders which make the wagon visible during the night.
  • The wagon does not give a proper sun protection to your pet
  • The wagon is a bit narrower for your large dogs
  • The wagon’s fabric is not entirely waterproof, it will get wet when there is a heavy downpour


Our 2nd pick: DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer for Small Pet

The Doggy Ride Mini Dog Bike Trailer combines safety and quality that you can give to your little dog. The trailer is able to carry dogs that weigh 55 pounds and a shoulder height that is less than 15 inches. The ultraviolet resistant mesh panel, which is on the side and front doors, protects your dog against the harsh sunlight rays and rain.

The bike trailer has a leash set, towbar arm and a safety flag; they are to ensure the safety of your pet. The trailer also has multipurpose, cushioned and foldable pet mat with a thickness of 1.5 inches. There are also pockets for carrying drinks or a bottle of water

  • The bike trailer is safe and durable
  • It’s able to protect your dog from the rain and ultraviolet rays
  • It has a comfortable pet mat that is for your pet’s pleasure
  • it is lightweight
  • it is designed to guarantee your pet’s safety
  • The trailer is quite small and it may not be able to carry large dogs


Our 3rd pick: Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

This bike trailer is for the medium to large dogs; that is from 50 pounds of weight to 110pounds of weight. It has a waterproof and durable floorboard, rugged 600D polyester that is used for construction. The trailer is easy to assemble and fold for an easy and comfortable storage or transport.

Your pet is protected from tough wind and weather, as it has zippered mesh screen layer, a vinyl windscreen which covers the front door against the weather elements.

  • it is able to protect your pet from the tough weather
  • The trailer is ventilated with a sufficient airflow
  • Its durable and long lasting
  • It has a large  interior that is for your dog’s comfort
  • The pockets need to be improved
  • The floor is not sturdy enough



A dog bike trailer can be very handy in instances where you have your dog’s feet broken or if it’s limping; a dog bike trailer will be exactly what you need. The trailers are also a safe way of riding through the city with your dog. It is important that you note, a dog bike trailer can also be used by other pets for instance a cat.

The list above composes some of the best dog trailers in the market that you can get; ensure that you look at its features before you buy one for your pet.