Best Cyclocross Bikes Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Cyclocross biking has had a recent uptake in popularity due to the availability in lower priced bikes, intense workout benefit, and the increased number of trails, paths, and bike lanes available across the United States.  A cyclocross bike can be distinguished from other bicycles due to these bikes being heavier and more durable than road bikes, but more slick and lighter than a touring type bicycle.  Designed to be able to go off road as well as perform on paved surfaces, this bike is a good blend between the two others- and it can take a hit.Best Cyclocross Bike Review

This sport has attracted people from all walks of life, and definitely has a lot to offer.  The community surrounding cyclocross is one that looks at working hard and celebrating achieving the task completed.

These bikes can help overcome any challenge you may face on the road, trail, or race course as they are designed to be hardy.
Due to this uptake in popularity we are aiming to provide you with some ideas and insights into your purchase of a cyclocross bike.  We would like to stress that this is not a complete list and we would highly recommend testing different bikes out if you have the option.

This makes sure you’re getting the correct bike built for you and whatever goals you have with this purchase. Below is a list and review of some of the bikes we have found for sale that have sparked interest and a decent amount of reviews.  We have boiled them down to the top five cyclocross bikes and are featured below in the chart.

Cyclocross Bikes Review

Bike NameBest FeaturePrice
X-Night 105 Disc MDB Cyclocross Bicycle

Light and Sturdy
Check Price
Stradalli Cyclocross Pro T-700Speed and Acceleration
Check Price
Raleigh Bikes RX 2.0Sturdier for newer athletes
Check Price
Sits higher and allows for larger cushion for impact.
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Colnago World Cup SL DISC 105 5800Biggest bang for your buck
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Our Top Pick: X-Night 105 Disc MDB Cyclocross Bicycle

The x-night 105 bike that allows for you to learn and make mistakes without doing too much damage to the bike or yourself.  This light and firm bike is excellent for feeling out the courses that you’re competing on.  It’s top of the line gear for top of the line performance and results if you’re serious about getting into the sport of cyclocross.

Weighing in at just over 17 pounds, this bike offers a truly sturdy experience that can keep you upright on difficult trails and courses.  In the act of mounting and dismounting this even weight could help make it easier to transition from the running & carrying portions depending on your size and skill set.

An excellent racing bicycle, the seat and grips are prime for comfortable riding, long workouts, and competition settings.  Coming in at the middle of the price range that this review has found, this cyclocross bike tops out at several thousands for a top of the line new racing bike.

  • Light Weight
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Comfortable Grip and Seat
  • Durable, will last for years
  • Price is High
  • For a Serious Athletes or Bikers


Our Second Pick-: Stradalli Cyclocross Pro T-700 Full Carbon Cycle Cross Disc

This Aluminum framed cycle is featured as our second-best bike due to the multiple positive offerings for such a reasonable price.  The bike  is potentially is a steal for the benefits it brings to your cyclocross adventures.  As our lowest priced bicycle- this product from Giant, possesses fantastic technical equipment such as mechanical disc brakes, precision gear control, and a high-end frame.

The high level of controls that this bike gives to you a great chance at maneuvering any trail you may encounter.  Additionally, the seat is streamlined to give comfort and speed rather than erring to one or the other.  Because of this bike design the seat is fixed higher than most bikes, and it can be an ideal candidate for taller individuals looking for a good bicycle.  This provides a better cushion for rougher trails and terrain.

Rounding down to the bottom of our price range this fantastic find and is available for purchase on a multitude of platforms.

  •  Technical Equipment is Top of the
  • Line Great
  • Price Balance between performance and comfort
  • Great trail riding grip
  • Smaller name Brand
  • Not prime for beginners


Our Third Choice- The Raleigh Bikes RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike

This RX model offers an excellent option in regard to our first and second choices of cyclocross bikes.  The top-level speeds found in these bikes results over several trails and competitions equal itself to our first picks speeds.  The enhanced acceleration features are attributed to the increased weight on the frame of this cyclocross bike.

With this weight there could be hesitation in purchasing this particular bike.  However, this bike offers a great range of versatility, allowing you to use this for a good number of opportunities such as commuting, pleasure biking, or competing.  This heavy frame a offers a better warranty and longevity to your riding career, it just may not be the perfect racing bike for more competitive riders.

However, this bike can be found hitting the top of this reviews price range, and it could potentially top out your budget  for a brand-new ride.

  • Firm Ride
  •   Controlled for Speed and Acceleration
  • Price
  •  Heavier Frame



Our Fouth Choice: The Merit 2 Endurance Bike

Built for a comfortable cyclocross experience.  This particular ride hosts the smoothest seat out of our top picks.  Sculpted for maximum comfort and cushion while you ride, this bike could be a feat start for beginning riders who are more focused on a good workout, great training and fun experiences rather than competing for top championship level accolades.  The bike is a sound and sturdy creation.

The gears and brakes are top of the line availability and top of the line performance.  Assuring that no matter what situation is presented on the trial or road- you have the best operating systems.

This bike also comes at a price that you and your wallet will love.  Sneaking in at just over 1,900 dollars.  This is an incredible price for what you receive in return for this bike.


  • Best for smooth rides
  • Great for training
  • Brakes are built to last
  • Lowest Price
  • Heavier Bike Overall
  • Can be finicky on trails


Our Final Pick: Colnago World Cup SL DISC 105 5800 Cyclocross Bicycle

Much like our teams first pick, this CruX E5 is another solid purchase that will last as long as you want to ride.  Made for top of the line performance this bike is sturdy and stable, keeping riders upright and moving forward in any terrain.  This bikes frame isn’t as light as the other CruX cyclocross bike and is more comparable with the frame of the Norco Threshold (Our third pick).

The framing of this cycle provides better opportunities for learners and new riders as it sits heavier on the tires.  Forming a great connection to any trail, giving you a feel for what you’re doing while riding.  Additionally, this bike boasts excellent brakes that last longer than most other cyclocross bikes.

While this bike is at the bottom of our top five list it isn’t by any means a poor purchase.  In fact, it is one of our favorite cyclocross bikes, it just comes in lower with a price tag of 2,000 dollars.  Far under some of our other choices, but over in others.


  •  Longevity
  • Mid-range weight
  • Great trail connection
  • Priced well
  • Little bit heavier than a racing bike
  • More expensive than other bikes on this list

Additional Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross biking is a grueling yet engaging sport that offers the best of both worlds-mountain biking and road racing. No wonder then that the best cyclocross bikes incorporate the topnotch features of racing bicycles as well as mountain bikes. Cyclocross bikes are meant to be used across-the-board, starting from smooth metalled roads to macadamized surfaces to rugged off-road terrains and everything in between.

Cyclocross bikes are designed meticulously keeping in mind their versatility- you could use them for participating in cross-country racing events, for commuting in rush hour traffic, cycling up (or down) a steep mountainous path, and much more. These hybrid bikes feature extraordinarily robust frames and forks that are neither too heavy nor too lightweight, thereby offering you the perfect heft and balance while riding. The majority of cyclocross brands have frames constructed out of aluminum while the high-end ones come with carbon scaffolding.

The innovative design of the frame enables the installation of bigger and wider tires for facilitating biking in patchy, muddy, and rough environments. Off-road tubiform tires are mostly used to minimize the chances of punctures or pinch flats. Almost all models are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes while a few still use the mechanical (cable-operated) system.

So, which are the best cyclocross bikes in the hybrid bike market? We’ve reviewed six top models from Rayleigh, Tommaso, Colnago, Poseidon, and State Bicycle Co comparing and contrasting each against a set of standardized parameters. We sincerely hope that after going through the reviews, you’ll find it easier to choose a product that best suits your (biking) needs and preferences.

Bike NameBest FeaturePrice
Rayleigh Bikes RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike
Very lightweight, and hardwearing bike offering supreme convenience in cycling
Check Price
Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike
Most Durable Frame & Fork
Check Price
RXS Single Speed Cyclocross Bike
Most Versatile Bike-Ideal for using across all terrains
Check Price
World Cup SL Disc 105 5800 Cyclocross Bicycle
Most Hardy Cyclocross Bike
Check Price
Atlas Hybrid Bike
Most Affordable Cyclocross Bike with First-Rate features
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Thunderbird Cyclocross Off-Road Single Speed Bike
Best Bike for Cyclocross/Off-Road Racing
Check Price

Our 1st Choice: Raleigh Bikes RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike – Best Bang for the Buck

If you’re looking for a versatile cyclocross bike that offers you the best bang for the buck, then look no further than the RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike from Rayleigh. Rayleigh has been in business for over 120 years and cemented its goodwill in the industry for racing, mountain, and hybrid bikes-so you can you rest assured about the product’s quality both in terms of performance and longevity. The RX 2.0 is one of the best cyclocross bikes that has been designed with due care, keeping the needs of racing and cross-country cycling enthusiasts, in mind.

The bike boasts of an incredibly sturdy frame shaped out of tubular 6061 alloy frame which not only makes the scaffolding hardwearing but lightweight as well. The tapering carbon-alloy disc brake, axle fork, disc groupset, and thru axles too have been crafted with painstaking care so as not to add significantly to the heft of the frame and the overall weight of the bike. You can come to an almost instantaneous stop regardless of the terrain you’re cycling in and even if you’re cruising, thanks to the advanced ‘TRP Spyre Dual Actuated Mechanical Disc Brakes’.

The cable-operated disc brakes work perfectly across-the-board and in all situations, enabling you to stop instantly. The heavy-duty SRAM Rival 1 x11 drivetrain comes in perfectly handy when you need to change gears without getting bogged down or losing speed. The derailleur system lets you have a tauter chainline, thus reducing the possibilities of the chain getting derailed on bumpy and muddy courses.

The Clement MXP, 700 x 33 tires with dual-walled rims ensure that all your rides, from simple trips on city thoroughfares to challenging ones on precipitous terrains remain trouble-free.


  • 6061 alloy framework: Lightweight yet durable and resilient
  • The tapering headtube, disc tabs, and axles perfectly sync with the frame
  • Sturdy and  flexible forks allow the rider/bicyclist a comfortable yet firm steering control
  • Cable-operated brakes facilitate effective stopping power
  • SRAM Rival 1 x 11 drivetrain offer the rider the option of choosing from multiple gears
  • Weinmann tires with double-walled rims: Performance-oriented
  • Available in different sizes
  • Many cyclists have found the OEM tires to be quite knobby that are suited more for rugged trails
  •  Suitable mostly for riders who are starting out on cross-country competitions and meets

Our 2nd Choice: Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike

The USP of Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike is its super strong frame that allows the rider to comfortably negotiate jagged surfaces, mud-covered trails, and dirt tracks. SLA 6061 aluminum frame is compact and supremely hardwearing which ensures a lasting performance. The fork has been chiseled out of SST steel which adds to the durability of the structure and also contributes towards providing hassle-free management of the handlebar.

The frame also has bores for customized installation of fenders, brackets, and holders. This functionality allows you to use the Sentiero both as a touring and commuting bike. This cyclocross bike is reinforced with a 3 x 8 Shimano Claris drivetrain that offers the cyclist an array of gearing options for biking in any and every kind of topography.

The Shimano Claris Groupset comprising a 12 x 25 Claris cassette and 30/39/50T Claris crankset is appropriate for racing on flat tracks, comfortably ascending steep paths and rocky knolls, and gliding through craggy trails. The Tomasso TC-20D tire rims feature 28 spokes that keeps the wheels rolling persistently, the type of terrain notwithstanding. The Tektro Lyra cable-based disc brakes let you screech to a halt without throwing yourself out of gear.

The Shimano Claris brake levers add to the effectiveness of the disc brakes. WBT Volt seat keeps your underside cushioned and stress-free when you’ve been riding for hours at a stretch. The saddle is firmly embedded into a Tomasso TRS performance seatpost which keeps the former steady and unwavering especially when the ride is bumpy and rough. The seatpost has been built out of ultra light Tomasso TRS Race Series aluminum that maintains the dexterity and resilience of the frame. On the whole, the Sentiero Shimano Claris cyclocross bike from Tomasso more than lives up to its expectations, letting you make the most of each and every ride.

  • Lightweight and robust Tomasso 6061 SLA aluminum frame
  • Sturdy and lightweight SST steel fork with aluminum headtube
  • Available in a wide range of sizes: L, XL, M, S, and XS
  • Shimano Claris Drivetrain: offers a multiplicity of gears for riding in all kinds of environments
  • Flexible and resilient cockpit: WTB Volt saddle resting on a Tomasso TRS Ultra light race series aluminum seatpost
  • Tektro Lyra Disc Calipers brakes
  • Shimano Claris brake levers
  • All terrain Kenda Kwick Trax 700 x 32c tires
  • Many riders and cyclists have reported mechanical issues (within the first year of purchase) like gear malfunctions and broken spokes
  • The bike is a bit too heavy

Our 3rd Choice: Raleigh Bikes RXS Single Speed Cyclocross Bike -The Most Versatile Bike

Another premium offering from the celebrated house of Rayleigh Bikes, the RXS single-speed cyclocross bike has been specially designed for cross-country biking. Nevertheless, the versatility of the product also makes it perfect for riding it on city roads, commuting to office, and cycling on off-road settings. The RXS Single Speed Cyclocross scores high both on the aesthetics and performance fronts.

The scaffold of the bike has been chipped out from a butted alloy framework and outfitted with narrowing steer disc brake made out of carbon alloy, axle fork, disc tabs, and thru axles. One of its most distinguishing and functional features is its TRP Hylex hydraulic disc brakes that come to your aid instantly whenever you need to come to a full stop. A single-speed Groupset or drivetrain does away with the hassles of changing gears every now and then, ultimately making every ride simpler and more enjoyable.

You hardly ever feel the stress of riding long distances and extended hours as the ergonomic design of the saddle ensures that your backside and especially your butt stays comfortable. The backward-arching flexible handlebars offer you good leeway when it comes to controlling the steering.  The pneumatic tubes and toughened tires tethered around the rim together with the spokes guarantee that the wheels will continue to roll, no matter where the take the bike to.

The seatpost on which the saddle rests is heavy-duty but lightweight implying that it does not add to the overall heftiness of the bike. All in all, the Rayleigh RXS Single-Speed Bike loaded with a host of resourceful features is apposite for cyclocross riders as well as ideal for everyday commuters and tourists.

  • Frame built out of extremely lightweight butted 6061 alloy
  • Carbon-alloy steer disc brake, disc tabs, and thru axles integrated with frame enable fulfilling rides on any surface or track
  • TRP Hylex Hydraulic disc brakes facilitate near instantaneous cessation of movement
  • The tapering of the headtube and steerer augments the stiffness at the bike’s front
  • Single speed ‘Gates Carbon CenterTrack’ belt Groupset makes riding fun and worry-free on any surface or course
  • Back brake hose routed atop the top tube helps in gaining momentum before a ride
  • Rear brake rerouting on the top tube also keeps mud or slush from sticking or accumulating
  • Rayleigh 440mm wide handlebars offers good leverage during racing, climbing or standing
  • Ergonomic design of Prologo Nago Evo seat complete with titanium rails keeps butt comfortable
  • Absence of fenders means mud or dirt will surely stick on the tires
  • Absence of rack or bracket for holding bottles will be felt by commuters on long rides
  • The overlap on the front wheel for the toe is poorly designed

Our 4th Choice: Colnago 5800 Cyclocross Bicycle, Black/red, 54cm-Most Hardy Cyclocross Bike

The Colnago World Cup SL DISC 105 5800 Cyclocross Bicycle fully deserves the best cyclocross bike tag largely on account of its hardiness. The entire frame of the World Cup SL Disc 105 5800 cyclocross bike has been manufactured from 6000 Series double butted aluminum tubes. The framework is compatible with the disc brake and the derailleur systems that buttress the efficiency of the bike.

The saddle and the seatpost are positioned at a strategic height in order to provide the cyclist thorough convenience while participating in cyclocross meets and events. The hardwearing support in between the topmost tube and the saddle tube offers unflinching steady balance and momentum during rides. The Kenda tires at the front and back furnish excellent stability on all occasions, irrespective of whether you’re cycling on smooth and even surfaces or on potholed, rough trails and tracks.

In terms of geometry and design, the World Cup SL Disc’s framework almost resembles the scaffold of the coveted Prestige model that was the choice bike of World champion Van Alert. A carbon fiber fork tethered to an aluminum frame is what distinguishes the World Cup SL Disc from the Prestige. Aluminum not only keeps the equipment lightweight and durable but also makes the product affordable.

The carbon fiber fork transfers riding convenience without enhancing the heaviness of the bike.

  • Frame: Double butted 6000 series aluminum
  • Front & Back Derailleur: Shimano 105 5800; multiple gear options
  • Brake Calipers: SRAM DB BB5 Road Platinum
  • Carbon Fiber Colnago World Cup Disc Fork
  • Deda RHM EL handlebar
  • Selle Italia Q-Bik saddle
  • Colnago Alloy seatpost
  • Kenda Kwicker 700 x 32c tires
  • Alex Race 24 front and rear wheels


  • The weight of the bike (22.6lb or 10.26kg)
  • lower tube are prone to gathering mud


Our 5th Choice: Poseidon ‘ATLAS’ HybridMost Affordable Cyclocross Bike with Superlative Features

Cyclo-cross enthusiasts and aficionados scouting for a budget model can check out the ‘ATLAS’ hybrid/urban/city/commuter/adventure bike from Poseidon. Priced under $350.00, the Atlas comes equipped with a range of unbeatable features normally integrated in high-end models. For a start, the frame and fork has been chipped out of 6061 aluminum imparting extraordinary robustness to the structure as well as making it lightweight.

The wide spacing between the fork splits lets you install broader tires (of up to 700 x 45cc) that are ideal for biking on rough or craggy tracks and terrains. Shimano Altus drivetrain consisting of a Pro Wheel 48/38/28T Triple crankset and a 11-32T back cassette furnishes you with gearing options for cycling in the hills, city roads, and backcountry. Shimano BR-M355 hydraulic disc brakes allow you to bring the bike to an almost immediate stop in all situations.

The contour of the saddle matches the natural profile of your underside, thus preventing the latter from getting overstressed during extended trips. Also, the perfect upright saddle position helps to maintain the right poise during runups. There are several mounting points both at the back and front for installing racks-this is a feature that many riders will find handy, especially when they need to carry essentials from grocery/stationery outlets. Poseidon Bike is so confident about the quality of its offering that it is offering a lifetime warranty on the framework. You’d be hard put to find a more performance-oriented cyclocross bike at this price range.

  • Sturdy and lightweight 6061 Series aluminum frame and fork
  • Wide spacing between fork split for setting up large tires
  • Shimano Altus shifters: cycling is a breeze in any type of terrain or surface
  • Shimano BR-M355 hydraulic disc brakes: Incredible stopping power
  • Ergonomic design of seat ensures underside stays comfortable for the entire duration of the trip
  • Multiple indents for mounting bottle holders and racks
  • Assembling the bike could be an issue particularly if you’re not a pro

Our 6th Choice:  State Bicycle Co. Thunderbird Cyclocross Offroad Single Speed Bike-Best Bike for Cyclocross/Off-road Racing

The State Bicycle Co’s Thunderbird Cyclocross Off-road Single Speed Bike is surely up there with the best cyclocross bikes. This cyclocross bike comes outfitted with a 6061 aluminum frame scaffolding that keeps the equipment lightweight as well as makes it supremely hardwearing. The fork chipped out of the best grade of carbon-fiber also maintains the bike’s lightness besides providing excellent maneuverability.

Avid BB5 Disc Brakes come to your rescue when you need to bring the bike to a stop. The cockpit comprising the seatpost, saddle, handlebars and stem have been designed with scrupulous care so that you every ride you take turns out to be a thrilling one. The Kenda Small Block 8 tires are sufficiently hardy to continue rolling in any kind of topography and withstand everyday wear and tear.

<li>Long Lasting Battery</li>
<li>Sharp Blade</li>

  • Upgrades might be needed for taking optimum advantage of its features
  • Positioning of the saddle could be uncomfortable for many cyclists
  • Brakes can be somewhat difficult to adjust


To finish this review up, we would just like to point out, and emphasize that this is not a complete list of cyclocross bikes.  This is just a brief summary of this year’s models and what they can offer to you.  Each biker is different, and has a vast majority of needs, or wants in a finely tuned machine.

We hope that this review can give you an idea in what to look for, help you eliminate what you don’t want (or need).  If you or anyone you know has any suggestions, success stories, questions, or requests please do not hesitate to reach out and tell us. Best of luck, and happy riding!