Best Road Bikes Reviewed – Top 10 Road Bikes Buyers Guide

With the versatility that is going on, bicycle technology is going to extraordinary places.  Going to places where the disc brakes are not enemies with the ultralight design; where the clearance of the wide tires is as important as aerodynamics.  When considering getting yourself a road bike, consider its performance and speed as they are essential factors to put in mind.

Ensure that the bike you choose is responsive; as a result you will be able to accelerate out of tight turns and tackling decisive sprints. It is important that you note, although we search for lightweight wheels, be careful with this feature as some wheels are fast and light but they are not able to maintain their speed. When it comes to handling, it is a personal matter that is influenced with your style of riding.

Speed without control is nothing. In the event that you want to ride fast, you ought to trust and feel confident with your road bike. Go for a bike that is able to absorb vibrations, allowing you to stay connected with the road as this ensures that you have a smooth, comfortable ride. With a smooth ride you will be able to ride further enjoying your ride all the way.

Best Road Bikes Comparison 

Bike NameBest FeaturePrice
Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike
The bike has dual-actuated disc brakes that offer an excellent stopping power to the rider.
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ommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike
The bike is able to perform at its best if it has integrated brakes, shifters and levers.
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Merax Finiss Aluminum Racing Bicycle
The bike has a quick release wheel which is easy to install as it does not require tools.
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Vilano TUONO 2.0 Aluminum Road Bike
The road bike has 21 speeds which allow you to enjoy different gears with ease.
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Kent GZR700 Road Bike
The bike is made of tig-welded high tensile steel frame and fork
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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike
The bike is devoted to simplicity and performance as it does not have derailleurs, shifters and other moveable bike components that require maintenance.
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North Gear Bike With Shimano Components
The bike combines its performance with style making it a high quality bike with a need for speed.
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Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle
The bike is of high quality aluminum frame that gives the rider high level of durability and mobility.
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Goplus Road Bike aluminum Release Racing Bicycle
The bike has a sturdy frame which meets all your riding efficient demand, offering a stable ride to tackle any sort of terrain
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EUROBIKE Road Bicycle  Dual Disc Brake Bicycle
The bike looks quite fashionable with its wheel design
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Our 1st pick: Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike

Are you ready to hit the road? If so, then the Raleigh Merit 2 bike is what you need. It is an endurance bike for your long road rides. The bike is made for your efficiency and comfort; it offers a responsive aluminum fork.

Its disc brakes offer a great stopping power and great stability due to its wider tires. The Merit 2 is light and fast with a classic road bike design, front and rear axles that add stiffness for a more precise control and steering. With the Merit 2 you can be able to go for as far as you want to; this is mainly because of its reliability and snappy ride.

The bike comes in different sizes that is; S for 5feet 4inches to 5feet 7inches individuals, M for 5feet 7inches to 5feet 9inches individuals, L for 5feet 9inches to 5feet 11inches individuals, XL for 5feet 11inches to 6feet 1inch individuals, XXL for 6feet1inch to 6feet 3inches individuals and XXXL for 6feet 3inches to 6feet 5inches individuals. The bike is also lightweight aluminum frame which has a built in fender mount and rack.

It’s a Shimano Claris 8 speed shifters that offer a 16 gear combinations. The bike has Clement Strada LGG 700*28c tires for an added stability and to cushion your ride.  A TRP Spyre C dual which is actuated mechanical disc brakes that give the rider an excellent stopping power.

The bike has pedal and a limited lifetime warranty that is on the frame. The warranty is for the original retail buyer as long as they still own the bike.

  • The bike has a Premium Strada tires from Clement
  • Dually-actuated disc brakes
  • The bike has attractive red and white classic color
  • It also has a large-size Weinmann double-walled rims
  • It has a durable alloy wheels that is able to withstand the environmental elements.
  • The bike feels comparative stiff and heavy in rugged terrain and rougher road conditions.


Our 2nd pick: Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike

With Tommaso you can be able to get a bike that fits your budget, be able to ride a bike of high quality, a performance bike and one that looks great. You can therefore be able to get the perfect bike for yourself with Tommaso.

With Tommaso you can now be able to get a 100% Shimano gears, lightweight wheels and super lightweight aluminum frames that goes for only $600. Tommaso provides a lifetime warranty for its frame, not to forget its great service that is for its customers based in U.S. Tommaso bikes guarantees you value.

The Imola is an affordable performance and an entry level.  The Tommaso is your bike especially if you are just getting into cycling or returning to cycling after a long break. This bike offers an affordable performance that comes with a full Shimano groupset.

Its new R2000 Claris STI shifters mimic the Tiagra and 105 components, its cable being routed below the bar in order to have a clean look which is able to shift perfectly. The Derailleurs, brakes, shifters and the crank are all new to the Claris 2018. Bikes perform at their optimum level if they have integrated brake levers and shifters.

It is vital that you are keen so that you are not fooled, there are imitators that use off-brand shifters or cranks; therefore not being optimized for a Shimano gearing which will result to lack of a precise shifting. The bike has a compact geometry frame which gives the rider a more relaxed position for any styles of riding. It has a shallow handlebar drop that allows you to ride comfortably even when using the lower handlebar position.

The Imola is equipped with a wider 25mm, 700c road bike tires. Every single part of the bike is design to be able to offer maximum comfort and efficiency; therefore, allowing you to get the most of every single ride that you make with this road bike.  The Tommaso was built to last, as high quality aluminum is used to make the bikes backing it with Shimano components and a Shimano 2 year’s warranty.

  • The bike is quite affordable
  • It has a good shifting mechanism
  • The bike is from a high-quality manufacturer
  • You cannot be able to test-ride as its only available online
  • Some individuals do not like the quality of its seat.


Our 3rd pick: Merax Finiss Aluminum Racing Bicycle

The Merax contains Shimano shifters and the Shimano derailleur which is for a reliable shifting. Lightweight and sturdy 6061 Aluminum Frame that is able to give the rider a smooth riding and an easy transport. It has a quick-release front wheels that are easy to install and do not require tools.

An aluminum kickstand is light in weight which is able to reduce the weight of the bike. It is important that you read the product description of the bike before you buy it. Before assembling the front wheel which has the brakes, rotate the fork to 1800; you will have the breaks in front of the bike if you properly rotate the fork.

When assembling the front wheel, you ought to use the quick-release pin; you do not require tools. The Merax left and right pedals threads are not the same; hence, the need of assembling them on correct sides. For instance the right side pedal, has the right-hand thread attached to it, it is installed clockwise and removed counterclockwise. On the other side the left side pedals has the left-hand thread attached to it, it is installed counterclockwise and removed clockwise.

The bike has an easy set up and adjustment of the saddle, which is designed to be efficient in long pedaling. The bike is excellent for a weekend workout or your daily commute. The bikes arrives 85% assembled, installation of the front wheels, pedals and handlebar will be required.

You will also need to air up its tires. With a convenient bottle holder, you will be able to keep your favorite refreshing beverage at arm’s length. Hydration is important during a workout as it ensures your workout and heath stay at an optimum level.

  • The bike is very cheap
  • The bike is advertised as a unisex model especially considering its choice of color, it fits both the women and men.
  • The bike has Shimano components guaranteeing you value for your money
  • The bike has an entry level; the bike offers a great experience for your cycling
  • The bike is also relatively a lightweight road bike
  • The bike overall build up is poor
  • The bike is from a poor chain quality
  • The bike has poor brakes and derailleurs
  • It has plastic parts


Our 4th pick:  Vilano TUONO 2.0 Aluminum Road Bike

The Vilano TUONO 2.0 road bike is perfect for individuals, who are considering getting into cycling without having to break the banks. Choosing the right bike size for you is really important for your comfort and safety. When it comes to the size, there should a minimum of 1 to 2 inches difference between the rider and the top bar of a bike.

The Vilano Tuono 2.0 is an updated model of the Tuono. The bike has an awesome entry level, it is the perfect bike for the weekend, for individuals who want to hit the road but have a tight budget or the commuters. The bike is lightweight therefore making it a great commuter, its speed of 21 with a frame of 6061 double butted aluminum Aero.

Its front and rear tires are Shimano derailleurs, the tires are Kenda 700c*25c, the fork is 700c 1 1/8inches treadles. The shifters are Shimano A050 SIS handlebar Mounted with a wheel set that is 700c double walled CNC machined. The bike is directly shipped from the factory, it requires assembly and turning.

The bike is partially assembled, in order to completely assemble it you require to; flip the stem and install the front wheel, the handlebar, the saddle and the pedals. For the pedals install the right pedal in clockwise direction and the left pedal in a counter clockwise direction. You will then need to tune the wheels and the brakes derailleurs.

The assembling of this bike is quite simple but it’s recommended that you take it to a local shop. This is to ensure you have a safety check done and for tuning to be done by a qualified mechanic.

  • The bike is able to accommodate different users
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • The TUONO 2.0 assures users safety
  • The bike is able to take on the different terrains; this is made possible by its double wall wheel set that is made from CNC alloy machine.
  • The bike gives riders comfort all the way to their destination.
  • The tires are of poor quality as they cannot be able to withstand the rough terrains for long periods.
  • The bike is difficult to assemble
  • The comfort saddle can lead to numbness over time as it has a hard saddle.

Our 5th pick:  Kent GZR700 Road Bike

Price: $160.99
Was: $189.99

The kentGZR700 Road Bike is made of tig-welded high tensile steel fork and frame. A Shimano stem shifters, reliable shifting and a 21 speed drive-train which comes with a rear derailleur which provides a smooth ride. A high performance 700C tires which makes the tires be able ride upon any type of terrain.

Its shifting levers are attached to the handlebar stem making it easy for you to maximize speed up to a range of 21 ranges. The levers are 3 to 4 inches away from your hand; therefore, making your ride quite comfortable. With the comfortable vitesse racing seats you will be able to get a comfortable long ride.

  • Sturdy aluminum frame that is extensively tested and able to withstand extreme terrain.
  • The bike has a padded seat that gives you a comfortable ride even in long rides.
  • The bike has automatic brakes that is for the unforeseen events on the road
  • It has 21 different speed settings which range from fast to very fast and very slow to medium speed.
  • It also has speed shifters that allows you to go as fast as you can
  • The bike weighs 31.2 pounds, which makes it heavy for individuals who might want to carry it around.


Our 6th pick: Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

The Takara Kabuto is a single-speed road bike that you can use to commute. It has a rear flip flop hub that is for a fixed gear for freewheel. The road bike has a tig-welded steel fork and frame, alloy side pull brakes and alloy rims that have alloy hub.

This bike has been on the spotlight as the best road bike with single speed and very nice features. The bike fetches at a low price and it still does not compromise its performance and quality, it also offers the best riding experience. The bike is lightweight and is durable with handcrafted tubular steel frame, which has horizontal drop out handlebar for enhancing your performance and for comfort.


Its simple single speed drivetrain makes it the best for riding in flat terrain and on street roads. With a rear flip-flop hub which makes toggling that is between the available gears setting easy and quick. The bike being a single speed road bike, it will stop when you stop paddling; making it a bit hard to ride uphill especially if you are a beginner.

  • The bike has utilization of alloy components that gives it the lightweight characteristic.
  • Its twig-welded in order to offer extra-strength
  • 700*32c alloy tires and rims for smooth rides
  • It has a sturdy all-steel tubular frame and fork that is light in weight
  • It has an easy change fixed and freewheel gear options
  • It’s a simple single speed bike with no derailleurs which makes it easy to maintain.
  • It’s a great bike for its price
  • It has a limited seat padding that reduces comfort especially during a prolonged ride.



Our 7th pick:  North Gear Bike With Shimano Components

The North Gear 901 21 speed road bike from North Gear is a road bike; that combines style and performance making it a high quality bike that has a need for speed. The bike is equipped with Shimano components, it’s a great entry or mid- level bike making it an excellent choice for riders who just love to ride out in the open. The bike has an alloy 700c steel fork, a KMC Z33 chain with a Shimano shifters A050 21 speed.

  • It’s a lightweight bike
  • It has a forward-indication design which promotes an utmost comfort, maximizing the aerodynamics for an optimal performance
  • It offers high speed without you having to shift gears
  • A050 21-speed Shimano shifter which allows a smooth transition of gears, especially when you are maneuvering steep slopes.
  • The bike is not able to withstand rough terrain and unpaved surfaces


Our 8th pick: Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle


The Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle is the best for commuters; the bike is especially built for men.  The bike can also be used by women by modifying the saddle. This is the best option for individuals who are looking for a satisfying riding experience.

The bike is made of high quality aluminum frame which gives riders a high level of durability and mobility. An aluminum powder on its frame ensures; that the bike has protection against erosion and oxidation and in the process making the bike appear shinny. You are able to get a magnificent bike that is highly-developed with wheel set.

It has coaster brakes which allow the bike to be able to respond instantly to any urgent event. 36-hole rims that make the bike more strong and giving it protection in the process. Its 700c alloy wheels are able to ensure that the rider gets a comfortable ride on rides that are on any type of terrain.

  • The bike is quite easy to assemble
  • It also has a comfortable seat post with a fast-bike lock
  • It has an adjustable handlebar and saddle
  • A solid frame which enables the bike to be stronger than a majority of bikes from its competitors
  • The bike is durable, strong and of high quality with 24 types of gear options that you can take on an uneven roads.
  • The bike does not have a water bottle holder
  • Shorter individuals can find it uncomfortable on the seat and handlebar.

Our 9th pick:  Goplus Road Bike aluminum Release Racing Bicycle

The Goplus Road Bike is universally known as a perfect commuter expert that strives for speed, fashion and practicability. With its feature of a sturdy frame and lightweight, it allows the bike to be able to stand the terrible terrains and the test of time. Therefore, the bike can satisfy you with a premium racing performance not to forget the daily enjoyment you’ll get from riding.

The bike is constructed with aluminum which reduces the weight making it lightweight; thus leading to the bike offering more benefit and quickness in speed. With its sturdy frame made of strong aluminum frame making the bike can be able to stand the rough terrain. The bike is also able to deliver a stable riding, comfortable, an adjustable handlebar and seat post.

The bike has high-performance 700C tires which are able to solve your problems and challenges that come with the rigorous street riding. It has an updated derailleur which is able to meet your daily riding experience perfectly. The bike’s premium performance maximizes your riding enjoyment and in the process providing a fast and safe experience.

The road bike is quite fashionable with its colorful appearance. It comes in 5 different fashionable colors that is; blue, black, orange, red and green. The bike’s attractive design allows you to keep the pace with style.

The bike has easy installation, its quick release front wheels allow you to be able to easily install, disassemble and maintain it. Its properties give you a convenient storage and parking space. It goes for a reasonable price providing a high-quality performance.

The bike is recommended for individuals who are 5feet 5inches to 6 feet tall. Its weight capacity is 440pounds and the unit weight is 32pounds.It has a kickstand which is convenient for parking.

  • The bike has a premium performance which offers a smooth and flawless riding experience.
  • It has an overall easy installation process
  • Its price is quite affordable considering the features it offers
  • It has a strong but lightweight aluminum frame; that is able to meet the demand of any kind of terrain with ease.
  • The Shimano derailleur makes it possible for you to change gears when you need.
  • The bike does not have a water bottle holder
  • Putting the bike together for the first time can be a bit complicated

Our 10th pick: EUROBIKE Road Bicycle  Dual Disc Brake Bicycle

It’s a 21 speed Shimano shifting system that ensures that you have brakes at any speed for your safety. A dual disc brake which provides an excellent stopping gear, the bike looks quite fashionable with its wheel design. The EUROBIKE comes with free pedals and a comfortable seat.

The bike arrives 85% assembled; you will have to install the handlebar, pedals, front wheels and air up your tires. The bike comes with an instruction manual for installing your bike, you are required to carefully read the instructions before you install the bike, tune up the brake and speed system. In the event that you are not comfortable assembling bike, then it is recommended that you take it to a local bike shop.

The left and right side pedal threads of EUROBIKE are different as a result the need of keenness when you are assembling them. The left and right signs are on the spindle of each pedal. The right side pedal goes with the right-hand thread; you install it clockwise and remove it in counterclockwise motion.

The left side pedal on the other hand goes with left-hand thread which is installed in counterclockwise motion and removed in clockwise motion. The bike’s weight is 31.5 pounds, having a maximum load weight of 330 pounds. Its size of 49cm fits individuals of 5feet 4inches to 6feet; while the size of 54cm fits individuals of 6feet 1inch.

The bikes quality is guaranteed, in case you have any questions or concern, you can contact customer care of EUROBIKES as they are there for you.

  • Its parts are of good quality and are easy to work on.
  • Everything you will need is provided for you to set up and tune up the bike.
  • It’s a good beginners road for its price
  • The bike has a great look and can really turn your head.
  • It has 160mm disc brakes and calipers.
  • The tools provided can be better
  • The directions given can be difficult to understand.


When it comes to bike commuting it is not only healthier for you but it is also environmental friendly. This is especially so in cases where you could be driving, it is faster than walking and way cheaper than some months of Metro Cards. In case you are interested in riding to work it’s important that you consider where you’ll store your bike, what you will do in the event that it rains and most importantly which bike is best for you so that you can purchase it.

The list above composes some of the best road bikes in the market that you can get for yourself or even gifting it to someone. When purchasing a bike it is essential that you consider its entire feature before actually opting for one. It’s also vital that you buy a bike that is within your budget.