Cheap Hybrid Bikes – Top 10 Bikes for cyclist Under Budget

A hybrid bike is the ultimate summer ride! It is environmentally-friendly, it is light and it can take you to almost all places one may want to go in summer – a beautiful, secluded beach, a hilltop with a breathtaking view, or an exciting bike trail through the serene countryside.

Unfortunately, the best models are quite pricey and this can put significant strain on your budget.

In this review we set out to find out the top ten cheapest yet reliable hybrid bikes offered for sale online this summer.

Given proper maintenance, the machines listed below can go many happy miles with you and they cost a faction of the retail price of the most expensive models.

Cheapest hybrid bikes for 2018

Shaver NameBest FeaturePrice
. Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Men’s Hybrid Bike

Front and rear V-Brakes with resin levers
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ORKAN Mountain Bike Shimano Hybrid BikeFull Suspension Shimano Derailleur
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Uenjoy Murtisol Hybrid BikeSolid Frame
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Critical Cycles Beaumont Hybrid Bike Lightweight hand-built step-thru steel frame
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Vilano Men's Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City CommuterRetro Urban Style Steel Frame
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Kent Men's Avondale Hybrid BicycleSure Stop Brakes
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Diamondback Bicycles Women's Serene Classic Frame Comfort BikeAluminum alloy frame
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Northwoods Pomona Women's Dual SuspensionDual Suspension
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Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Women's Hybrid BikeLifetime warranty
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Raleigh Detour 1 Step Thru Comfort BikeShimano Revo Twist shifter
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Our top pick:  Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Men’s Hybrid Bike with front and rear V-Brakes with resin levers

Dynacraft’s Men’s 26-inch steel hardtail road and mountain bike is the cheapest machine on our list. The basic model features a 21-speed index derailleur with Shimano grip shifters. It is also fitted with front and rear V-brakes with resin levers.

The bike also boasts a front shock fork, alloy rims, and a kick stand. The proud owner of this cheap yet sturdy machine gets a lifetime warranty on frame and fork.  The padded saddle and smooth handlebar grips make this a very comfortable ride.

Weighing over 34 pounds (about 16 kg) this model is not recommended to riders under twelve years of age.

On the whole, this hybrid bike is not a Tour de France competitor, but it will most certainly carry you from point A to point B without any issues.

On the plus side, it is relativity easy to assemble if you know what you are doing and have the right tools to do this job.

However, many buyers have complained that their bike has been delivered with a slightly bent front wheel.



* Arguably the cheapest hybrid bike to buy online

* Lifetime warranty on frame and fork

* Front and rear V-brakes with resin levers

* Easy to assemble

* Issues with front wheel

Our 2nd choice: ORKAN Reinforced Hybrid Bike with Full Suspension Shimano Derailleur

Orkan’s reinforced hybrid model with full suspension Shimano derailleur is suitable for men and women alike.

Manufactured with great care from top quality materials, this hybrid bike features a Shimano 18-speed drivetrain, 26-inch aluminum rims, suspension steel fork,  as well as a 26-inch HI-TEN MTB frame and steel v-brakes that make it easy for you to ride and stop in any situation.

It also boasts ergonomic design and a height-adjustable seat that vows to make your long-distance travel more comfortable.

The appearance of this machine is also great. Its fashionable color scheme and stylish design make it an ideal choice for teenagers and adults alike.

The suspension system of this model is also quite efficient, as it minimizes vibrations and provides extra comfort to the rider.

This hybrid bike offers superb value for your money and will easily make your fifteen-mile-long commute a breeze!

Be advised, however that some users have found the saddle uncomfortable and the bike itself – a bit too heavy.


* High quality parts and manufacturing

* Ergonomic design

* Superb value for money

* Fashionable color scheme

* A bit heavier than expected


Our 3rd pick: Uenjoy Murtisol Hybrid Bike with its mega solid frame

This bike is the ultimate feel-good partner, both economical and reliable. Its simple handling that reacts with confidence and agility in every riding situation will capture your heart after the first mile.

The bike’s geometry fits the cyclist’s height and weight and provides a lasting sense of security and comfort on the road.

Uenjoy’s Murtisol model is a truly unisex hybrid bike that leans more towards the mountain bike class.   This is a sturdy machine with a 26-inch HI-TEN perfectly-designed steel frame and aluminum mag wheels set. Every component of this affordable bike has been carefully considered and selected to piece together.

The bike’s suspension front fork provides great absorption in rough terrain for a smooth and comfortable ride.

It is also fitted with front and rear disc brakes for significantly increases safety and control on virtually any kind of surface.

This model’s fashionable and stylish design represents a lovely mixture of charming orange on the body to suit riders of all age groups.

This hybrid bike is most comfortable for riders between 5’2 and 5’9 who weigh not more than 250 lbs. We highly recommend to have your bike assembled by qualified technicians.


* Unisex model

* Fashionable and stylish design

* Front and rear powerful disc brakes

* Economical and reliable

* Issues with the bearing cartridge

Our 4th Choice: Critical Cycles Beaumont Lady’s Hybrid Bike with its Lightweight hand-built step-thru steel frame

Beaumont Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike by Critical Cycles is the ultimate summer present for your girlfriend.

This city-dwelling seven-speed bicycle has something for every type of city girl. You can conquer Bay Area inclines, flat Chicagoland bureaus, and tight New York one-ways with this top-class hybrid.

The step-thru style makes it easy to mount and suitable for any age, stature, or style and it is also dress and skirt friendly! This bike is fitted with front and rear alloy brakes, while the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and RevoShift grip shifters ensure utmost control and precision.

Beaumont-7 is delivered from the vendor to the purchaser 85% built, so there’s little between you and your ride. Coast down side streets and cruise through your neighborhood with a classic bell and a retro feel. The Beaumont is fitted with a sturdy steel rear rack making farmer’s market runs and transporting stuff a whole lot easier.

On the technical side, the lightweight hand-built step-thru steel frame guarantees an upright riding position and is suitable for urban commuting, leisurely riding, and exercise.

The bike’s front and rear alloy brakes vow to keep you safe and in control of your ride at all times, while the Wanda 700x35C tires grip the ground for a smooth and reliable  ride every time.


* Delivered from the vendor to the purchaser 85% built

* Assembly tools and instructions in the package

* Reliable front and rear alloy brakes

* Dress and skirt friendly design

* Issues with manufacturing have been reported

Our fifth choice: Vilano Men’s Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter with vintage-looking frame

The Vilano Hybrid City Bike is the perfect bicycle for your daily commute, as well as for campus or city riding.

Ride in a comfortable upright position with the classic-look hybrid and cruiser handlebars. The matching suspension saddle and comfortable grips are quite posh.

The s spring loaded rear rack promises to hold plenty of your stuff, while the front and rear fenders are equipped with splash guards.

The sturdy hi-ten steel frame has a water bottle holder mounted on and the twist grip shifter controls 7 gears.

The bike’s speedy 700c wheels clad in 700c x 35c tires are capable of handling various riding conditions.

On the whole, there’s a lot to like about this bike, and there are some downsides, too. For one thing, it is handsome and its owner can expect to receive many compliments on its good looks.

It’s also quite comfortable to ride, and pretty well set up for commuting, which is what most men are using it for. It is not hard to assemble, but you can always take it the shop for some final tuning such as brakes and gearing.

However, the retro design also means that the bike is just so darn heavy. The sheer weight of this machine makes acceleration challenging, and riding uphill becomes a bit of a slog.

Needless to say, carrying it upstairs is an ordeal is an ordeal that requires both determination and physical strength to overcome.



* Handsome retro design

* Easy to assemble

* Sturdy and reliable

* Comfortable grips

* A bit too heavy

Our 6th pick: Kent Men’s Avondale Hybrid Bicycle with powerful Sure Stop brakes

The Kent Avondale hybrid bicycle boasts a technically advanced sure stop braking system which provides one lever braking that virtually eliminates over-the-handle-bar accidents Caused by sudden braking.

This Avondale hybrid bike is also equipped with a lightweight, hand crafted aluminum frame, Shimano 21 speed Shifters and Derailleurs, and aluminum rims with bolt on hubs for theft deterrence.

It is just perfect for around town trips, campus rides or everyday commuting. This model fits riders 5’6 to 6’2 high. The frame is 6061 aluminum with a steel fork. The bike is also fitted with linear pull aluminum v-brakes with the abovementioned sure stop one lever anti-lock braking system.

On the whole, Kent Avondale is a big framed bike with 30.5-inch stand over height and large 700c wheels, so it is not suitable for short riders. The aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight and you can also expect to received it almost fully assembled with only some tiny adjustments necessary

Some users also find the seat a bit too small and a bit too hard, but you can always replace it with a larger cruiser type gel seat.

This model comes without fenders, so it is most appropriate for riders who live somewhere dry. The tires feel best on paved roads or sooth bike trails.

Ridders who have tried the bike’s Sure Stop single lever braking system find it quite clever and designed to insure rear brake is applied first and then front one is applied progressively.


* Sure stop braking system

* Lightweight, hand crafted aluminum frame

* Comes almost fully assembled

* Aluminum rims with bolt on hubs for theft deterrence

* Uncomfortable seat


Our 7th pick: Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike with aluminum alloy frame

The Diamondback Serene Classic is designed to bring back the freedom of riding a bicycle. Every feature contributes to your enjoyment so you can concentrate on the ride. The aluminum step-through frame puts you in a familiar, upright riding position and lets you get on and off with grace.

The bike’s suspension fork and suspension seat-post work with the plush seat and ergonomic grips to smoothly carry you on rough pavement and erase bumps in the road.

An adjustable stem lets the rider customize the fit, and with 21 this model’s speeds climbing hills becomes a simple affair. Its tires and powerful brakes add predictability and traction to the ride, making the Serene Classic the perfect choice for casual city riding any day of the summer.

This bike is shipped 95 percent assembled and is practically ready to hit the road. Assembling the remaining 5 percent and going through the fine tuning can take 30-60 minutes depending on your skill level. Of course, if you are not comfortable assembling your bike, you can take it to your local bike shop for assistance.


* 95 percent assembled

* Easy to ride

* Very Comfortable

* High-quality manufacturing

* Fine tuning required

Our 8th choice: Kent Northwoods Pomona Women’s Hybrid Bicycle -Dual Suspension bike

Northwoods Womens’ Pomona hybrid bicycle is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable machine for regular commuting or recreational ride.

The handcrafted lightweight aluminum frame, 700c alloy rims, Shimano parts including a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur and even a rear rack create an amazing value for this bike’s affordable price. The women’s model is available in white.



* Good value for money

* Easy to ride

* Safe and reliable

* Rear rack for extra baggage

* Assembly issues and missing parts

Our number 9: Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Women’s Hybrid Bike with lifetime warranty

Schwinn’s Wayfarer is a truly versatile bike you can ride anywhere you want with style and grace. Its tires are thick enough to give you a stable ride. And the riding position is upright so the rider has plenty of visibility. It is also equipped with a rear rack for extra stuff, fenders to keep your legs and back dry in wet weather, a comfortable seat and ergonomic grips.

This bike has 7 gears. It’s enough to get you over steeper heels, as well as riding comfortably or with some resistance on flat ground. The gears may cause some issues during the maiden ride, but after a few times scaling back-and-forth with the gears, they stop sticking and start to switch smoothly and quickly.

This bike is quite lightweight. It isn’t as light as a road bike, but it’s definitely a lot lighter than a cruiser. You will be able to easily carry your bike, if needed. While riding, its light weight frame enables you to move a bit quicker with less effort. The seat is adjustable so you can lower or raise it as needed.

It should also be mentioned here that the manufacturer provides lifelong warranty of the frame and fork.


* Comfortable

* Light

* Fun to ride

Sometimes the pre-assembled parts are not assembled correctly.

Our 10th pick : Raleigh Detour 1 Step Thru Comfort Bike with Shimano Revo Twist shifter

This is a steel hybrid bike with a natural-feeling, upright riding position.

The Detour 1 Step Thru is designed for everyday riders who want a comfortable bike for meandering around town, cruising down the bike path, or enjoying all-around good times on two wheels.

The step-through design allows to easily get on and off the bike for easy on and off, eliminating the need for acrobatics and the danger of potential wardrobe malfunctions.

With one gear up front and seven in the back, you’ll have plenty of gears to get up the hills plus the simplicity of only one shifter.

The comfortable seat and grips keep you feeling fresh and relaxed throughout your ride. With full-size road bike wheels and rack and fender mounts, the Detour 1 also makes a great commuter bike.


* Quality manufacturing guaranteed by Raleigh

* Very comfortable

* Safe to ride

Seat assembly issues



Our Final Say

Thank you for taking the time to read our review. We do hope that it will help you to buy the best hybrid bike for you at the most affordable price. All the bikes reviewed in this article offer uncompromised safety and good quality at a very reasonable retail price.