Top Road Bikes Under 500 – Buyers Guide 18/19 Update

There are a lot of road bicycle that is within one’s budget and furthermore, you don’t have to break the bank in order to own one. They come with different features which not only extend the use of the bike but they ensure one gets to have a great experience outdoors. Keep reading, Because, I am going to discuss the best road bikes for under 500 of 2018/19 available on the market.  Top road bikes

Shaver NameBest FeaturePrice
Schwinn 1600 Men’s Road Bikelightweight
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Vilano Shadow Road BikeSTI Integrated Shifters
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Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Bike easy ride
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Giordano Libero Acciao Bike
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Schwinn Volare 1300 Men’s Road Bike include Drop Bar
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SE Bikes Royal Road Bicycle14-Speed
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Schwinn Women's Varsity 1300 Road Bike specilized shifters
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Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Bike aluminum frame
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Our 1st pick. Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

Schwinn Phocus is a versatile and stylish road bike. Everybody likes riding this bike, because of the unique features. This can equally double as an exercise bike. If you own this, there is no need to spend your time in the gym. It has other interesting features that stand it out from several others.

Features and benefits

  • Aluminum frame: perhaps the most distinguishing feature is the aluminum frame and the carbon fiber fork. This makes it a perfect choice for road riders. You can cruise through difficult trains without any difficulty.
  • Lightweight: another interesting attribute is the lightweight property. You will expect this product to be lightweight because it is designed with aluminum frame. Aluminum is known to be lightweight. This is good for beginner and trainer riders.
  • Great braking system: when you are looking for a road bike, you have to consider the braking property. It is apparent that the model has the most efficient braking system. 16 speed shifters and the braking levers in conjunction with Shimano derailleurs ensure that the braking system is effective.
  • Performance: If you are looking for the perfect road bike that cannot disappoint you, then you can always opt for the product. It performs very well, as it is very responsive. It is easy to use.
  1. The frame of the bike is lightweight, and the implication is that the bike is not heavy.
  2. It is user-friendly; it performs very well because of the carbon fork and wonderful reams.
  3. The braking system is very efficient. It can always halt when you apply the brake.
  4. The bike can offer about sixteen-speed levels because of the shifters and Shimano derailleurs.
  5. The height is adjustable and this makes it perfect for different rider categories.
  1. The pedals are of the inferior quality and you can change it if you want to enjoy wonderful ride
  2. The shifters lack brake indicators

In all, this bike is among the best you can buy. If you want to experience the joy of road biking, you should not hesitate to use this wonderful product.

Our 2nd Pick Vilano Shadow Road Bike – Shimano STI Integrated Shifters

This bike serves different purposes for different categories of riders. To many, it can serve as an entry-level bike, while for many others it is the best training bike around. For whatever purpose you use the bike, you will be very happy at the end of the day, because it is worth it.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatility: the bike is a versatile one as it can serve multipurpose functions. For many people, it can serve as a wonderful exercise bike.
  • Braking system: this bike is STI brake enabled. In addition to that, it features an integrated level shifter. This makes the braking system very efficient, as you can easily control and ride it with confidence.
  • Performance: another interesting thing in the bike is the superior performance. You can cruise through your street without hassles, because it runs with great speed. Hardly could any other bike compares with this product.
  • Lightweight: Furthermore, the bike is lightweight. This is in fact increased the performance. You do not find it hard to use, and it is recommended for you if you want to take your riding skill to the next level.
  1. The bike is versatile as it can be used by different categories of riders and for different riding purposes
  2. The bike is equally available in different sizes, as well as color combinations
  3. Most importantly, the bike is not difficult to assemble and you can do that within twenty minutes once you stick to the instructions
  4. This is a lightweight bike, it can perform faster than several other bikes out there.
  • Though it is designed with light aluminum frame, some users complaining that the frame is inferior and not durable

It is certain from the features above that this product is a perfect choice for many people. You can choose this model and begin to enjoy the benefits. It remains the best.

Our 3rd Pick Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 is a perfect road bike for male riders. It is not surprising that it makes the top list here. The bike is well designed, dependable, and you can see from the budget that it is highly affordable. It has many good things going for it. The bike has other fantastic features, which make it the ideal for riders.

  • Comfort: When it comes to comfort riding, this bike offers the best. It has fantastic features that make for comfort riding and when you ride, you will be very comfortable. Because of this, it is good for beginners and advanced riders.
  • Weight: Giordano Libero is known to be lightweight. Most men choose it, it does not constitute any burden for them, and they can cruise around their neighborhood without difficulties.
  • Easy to use: Another interesting feature that makes the bike a perfect choice for beginner and trainer riders is that it is simple and very easy to use. Both gears shifting and pedaling are done simultaneously, thereby reducing the difficulties in using the bike.
  • Higher quality: Many people will hardly believe that the bike is not sold above five hundred dollars. This is because it is produced with the best quality materials. Depending on the way you use it, it can serve you for many years.
  1. The bike is lightweight and because of that, it makes it easier for learners to use the bike because moving it is not difficult
  2. Both shifting and pedaling are done at the same time, and this enhances smooth movement
  3. Most importantly, it is a superior quality bike as it is produced from the finest raw materials
  4. This bike is easier and simpler to ride and you will not have problem becoming perfect if you are a learner
  • When the bike is on top speed, the braking system may not be responsive

Moreover, there is the need to take care of the screws and tightens so that it does not disappoint as you ride the bike. Are you looking for the best road bike you can buy without exhausting your bank account, then, you can always opt for this product. The bike is affordable and highly reliable.

 Our 4th Pick Giordano Libero Acciao Bike

This is another great bike for good riders. It is an award-winning road bike, and it is perfect for various riders, as it is good for training, riding, and other purposes. It has other great features that make the best choice.

Features and benefits

  • Great for beginners: it is certain from the features that the bike is perfect for beginner riders and those who want to learn the basics of good bike riding. It is not surprising it is regarded as entry-level riding bike.
  • Durable: the bike is highly durable and superior to several other bikes out there, because it is designed with steel materials. The steel ensures that it does not damage easily.
  • Performance: when it comes to performance, this product claims to be the best choice. It rides at a very fast speed and you can just cruise through your neighborhood or to school in a short time.
  • Stylish: if you are the type that like stylish posture as you ride, then this is bike is designed for you. You can ride in style and you enjoy riding it as well. It has everything you want for a comfortable ride
  1. The bike runs at a very fast speed and it has an edge over similar products in this aspect. It is good for racing.
  2. Moreover, this is a durable bike because it is designed with the finest steel materials and because of that it can last longer
  3. In addition, the bike is comfortable to ride, and you can just ride in style without difficulties
  4. It is not difficult to assemble. It has everything that you need to assemble them professionally.

The bike has great features, but you must pay attention to the tires, as it may not be the best for you.

 In all, this is a wonderful bike and it is the best for beginner riders. If you want to advance your skill to the highest level, then you need to act fast.

 Our 5th Pick Schwinn Volare 1300 Men’s Drop Bar Road Bike

Schwinn Volare 1300 is well rated by riders. This has to do with the great features. It is known to be lightweight and very easy to assemble. The bike is designed in such a way that you can handle it without pain.

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight: the most outstanding feature of this model is the weight, which is light. Because of the low weight, you can always move at a higher speed, and you are guaranteed better performance.
  • Assembling: In addition, the bike is not that difficult to assemble. Within two hours, you will assemble the bike. Just follow the instructions provided; you can begin to use it, as all the tools needed are inclusive.
  • Performance: the company is known for their high performing bikes. It is expected that this model is not going to be different from several others behind it. It performs very well and you will have a value for your money.
  • Highly responsive: most importantly, this bike is highly responsive. The gear shifting system is perfect. In addition to that, it features an alloy caliper braking system, you can easily stop when you want to.
  1. The bike is a versatile one as you can use it for different activities such as riding, racing, and several others
  2. The lightweight feature makes the bike to run faster than several others out there
  3. Furthermore, it is a user-friendly bike, as you will find it easy and fun to assemble the bike and use them
  4. The bike is fantastic to behold because it is available in various color combinations and you can choose the most suitable color.
  • The size or height is not adjustable and because of that, many people looking for the bike find it difficult to get the best fitting size.

Even if you are a first-time rider or you have experience in riding, do not hesitate to buy this bike. It is good for different purposes and you have value for your money.

Our 6th Pick SE Bikes Royal 14-Speed Road Bicycle

If you love outdoor activities, you need to try out cycling. This is among the best way of keeping fit and your body active.

Cycling is associated with many health benefits, including weight loss.

A great road bike like the SE Bikes Royal 14-Speed Road Bicycle will make your encounter memorable, and you will always be looking forward to the next cycling session.

This is a stylish bike that combines value, performance and a great design. It is constructed with the interests of the users in mind. The main frame is made of SE 1 alloy, which is solid and very compact.

Cycling on sunny days may require you to carry some water or other drinks to keep you hydrated. You should not be worried of where to keep your water bottle when you have the SE Royal bike. It features a water bottle mount where you can store your water to keep you hydrated when you are riding.

The wheel set is well constructed with alloy 32H double wall rims for durability and a long-lasting use. You can use your bike for a long period of time without replacing any part.

Features and benefits

  • SE 1 alloy Main frame with water bottle mounts
  • 14-speed Shimano A070 Shifters
  • Alloy 32H double wall rims Wheel set
  • 700 x 25c Road 30 tpi Tires
  • Alloy road caliper Brakes
  1. The model is perfect “Entry-level” road bike.
  2. It is lightweight and carbon fork gives it rigidity.
  3. The road bike comes with “Platform Style” pedals.
  4. Shimano Drivetrain offers smooth gear changing.
  5. Drop-style handlebar provides a relaxed position for you to ride.
  6. You have a comfortable seat to work with.
  • Brakes take a little time to be configured properly.

Our 7th Pick Schwinn Women's Varsity 1300 Road Bike


Schwinn is too good of a brand to leave out when it comes to women’s road bikes under $500. The Varsity 1300 features an impressive array of features that you’ll find in a top tier road bike. Minus the price of course.

The model from Schwinn has an aluminum frame. The frame is lightweight and suits women perfectly.

You can expect it to be agile while you are on the road. The rigid suspension fork deserves thanks in this case. It allows you to get through tight corners and narrow roads without harming your body parts.

When it comes to the gear settings, you get 14 levels of speed with this thing. The product doesn’t come with the front derailleur. It features rear derailleur made by Shimano. Of course, it is paired with Shimano A050 shifters to make cycling through different levels of speed that much easier.

Further adding to the repertoire is the “Quick Release” rim that comes with this model from Schwinn. The front rim can be released when people want. Also, the rims use alloy in the making. It makes them lightweight, and that doesn’t contribute to the overall weight.

The same alloy is used to manufacture the brakes for Varsity 1300 bike. These brakes are said to have stopping power that allows one greater control over her bike.

  • Durable: the bicycle is profoundly strong and better than a few different bicycles out there, in light of the fact that it is planned with steel materials. The steel guarantees that it doesn't harm effectively.
  • Performance: with regards to execution, this item claims to be the best decision. It rides at a quick speed and you can simply journey through your neighborhood or to class in a brief span.
  • Stylish: in the event that you are the sort that like a la mode act as you ride, at that point this is bicycle is intended for you. You can ride in style and you appreciate riding it also. It has all that you need for an agreeable ride
  1. Assembly is really easy. Anyone can do it.
  2. The bike is actually very lightweight.
  3. The overall construction of the bike is done with quality materials.
  4. You can get up to 33mph on a downward slope thanks to 14 different speed levels.
  • If you change gears too quickly, the chain might jam.Check

Our 8th Pick Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Bike

Vilano Diverse 3.0 aptly combines price with optimum performance. With 6061 lightweight Aluminum frame, it is a lightweight road bike that you need for your weekend rides.

The frame is specially tinkered for this “Hybrid” bike. It also features a hybrid fork that acts as a shock absorber to dampen the impact of bumps on the road.

The handlebars of this product are upright. It keeps your spine, back, and the upper torso balanced. Available in 53 and 57-inch frames, this wonder bike caters to women of all heights.

The bike is top class when it comes to the gear parts it uses. The Shimano derailleurs and shifters provide women with 24 levels of speed that they can switch through. At under $500, this bike offers too much of the “Professional” performance people desire.

When it comes to the brakes, this one uses the contemporary disc brakes that make bicycles so popular these days. People reported about how well-rounded the performances of these mechanical disc brakes are in numerous accounts.

  • Assembling: what's more, the bicycle isn't that hard to collect. Inside two hours, you will gather the bicycle. Simply take after the directions gave; you can start to utilize it, as every one of the instruments required is comprehensive.
  • Performance: the organization is known for their high performing bicycles. It is normal that this model won't be unique in relation to a few others behind it. It performs exceptionally well and you will have an incentive for your cash.
  • Highly responsive: in particular, this bicycle is exceedingly responsive. The rigging moving framework is great. Notwithstanding that, it includes a combination caliper slowing mechanism; you can without much of a stretch stop when you need to.
  1. The bike has a “Lavish” design. It comes with 24 levels of speed for women.
  2. The mechanical disc brakes deliver the performance people expect from them.
  3. Vilano Diverse 3.0 comes with free pedals.
  • Pedals tend to become loose after using.


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  • When you are choosing which bicycle to go for, the casing and parts administer how great the bicycle is in riding it. Be that as it may, different highlights will have the capacity to tell how great the bicycle is for you in your everyday ride. Along these lines, it is imperative that you consider the highlights that the bicycle has before you really buy it.